Day 1: harvest festival

Today is harvest festival and a great time to start this challenge. This morning I woke  up to both my children snuggled in. My happy day 1.

We made it out to church and I am so thankful for the wonderful community we have there. It's been difficult recently being reminded that sometimes people who are awful have a lot more than us and yet are extremely ungrateful for it. I have to let that go and focus on what I do have.

My son is a bit of a nightmare getting ready in the morning or then leaving whatever he is doing. He has challenged us every step of the way today. I am grateful for having a supportive marriage where we deal with the chaos together and open the bottle of wine in the evening. One day we might get a little peace and quiet. Until then there's chocolate and alcohol.

And finally, a photo of my darling Christian, which turned up recently. 4 years since we lost him. This was from a touring car race at Brands hatch. I scrapped together money from my student stipend to pay for hospitality access for his birthday. It was an awesome day. Fond memories.


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