Day 11: Pause and reflect on the victories

I don't have a photo for today, but would like to use an old one instead - one of my favourites of Christian. This morning was really tough, in fact most of the day was. Work and home are both full of stress. I had to do a bit of a reset and stop feeling like a failure.  I started counting the successes of the day, particularly against the odds. I got everybody fed, dressed and out to school/nursery/work on time despite loads of traffic problems and dramas. Everyone is doing well at school/nursery and work. We are succeeding in eating good food - lots of fruit, veg and home cooking. Everyone has clean clothes, the house is relatively tidy, the cars are working. We are pushed to the limit but we are making it all happen every day. Life is good and it's no where near as difficult as it has been in the past. Today is a success!


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